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Pretty Eyes
Guitars ala Lee

Featuring the song Sweet Happy Life, as heard in the current TV commercial for Target stores.

EMI, UK (7243-4-98883-2-6)
Released: February, 1999

Pretty Eyes / Guitars ala Lee

Pretty Eyes (1960)

As You Desire Me / It Could Happen to You / Pretty Eyes / Moments Like This / Remind Me / You Fascinate Me So / I Wanna Be Loved / I'm Walking Through Heaven with You / I Remember You / Too Close for Comfort / In Other Words / Because I Love Him So

Guitars ala Lee (1966)

Nice 'n' Easy / Strangers in the Night / Mohair Sam / Goodbye, My Love / Think Beautiful / An Empty Glass / Good Times / Sweet Happy Life / Touch the Earth / Beautiful, Beautiful World / My Guitar / Call Me

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