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Peggy Lee Bulletin Board

Please post your comments and questions related to Peggy Lee on our public message board. 
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Pete Kelly's Blues - TV special

by Richardholland
1,365 1 03/04/2016 02:48AM
Last Post by Richardholland

"Someone Who Cares"

by Richardholland
1,253 1 02/19/2016 11:41AM
Last Post by Richardholland

Stella Castellucci - Diving Deep for Sea Shells (autobiography)

by ea1313
4,371 14 02/17/2016 02:02PM
Last Post by ea1313

For NYC area: "Loving-Lee" performance Feb. 7 featuring Steve Blum

by DuoMotief
1,352 1 02/06/2016 08:02AM
Last Post by DuoMotief

Lyrics for "All I Want"

by whollingsworth
1,201 1 01/31/2016 04:36PM
Last Post by whollingsworth

Stage Door Canteen

by Rick Scott
1,320 1 01/30/2016 08:38PM
Last Post by Rick Scott

"I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart"

by Frank G
1,351 1 01/26/2016 12:12PM
Last Post by Frank G

Peggy Lee in Life magazine

by peggyfan
1,876 2 01/04/2016 05:15AM
Last Post by normad

Licensing performances from Merv Griffin Show

by rgoettsch
1,919 3 01/04/2016 05:12AM
Last Post by normad

"Is That All There Is? The Strange Life of Peggy Lee"   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by pstoller
12,287 58 01/04/2016 05:10AM
Last Post by normad

Peggy Lee: "At Last: The Lost Radio Recordings"   (Pages: 1 2)

by Kevin
4,492 22 01/01/2016 08:53AM
Last Post by peggyfan

Kennedy Center honors Ella Fitzgerald

by Richardholland
1,789 5 12/27/2015 02:46PM
Last Post by alanm

Peggy Lee on 1950's Dinah Shore Show

by Rick Scott
1,403 1 12/27/2015 09:22AM
Last Post by Rick Scott

Peggy Lee on YouTube

by Richardholland
1,504 1 12/21/2015 02:53AM
Last Post by Richardholland

Peggy Lee at the Oscars 1974

1,267 6 12/16/2015 01:46PM
Last Post by George K.

Desperately looking for sheet music to "Mirrors"

by heatherhooligan
1,209 2 12/16/2015 02:52AM
Last Post by pstoller

Peggy Lee lecture

by normad
1,230 1 12/14/2015 03:37AM
Last Post by normad

Peggy Lee on "Songbook Standards: As Time Goes By"

by peggyfan
1,777 2 11/25/2015 06:14PM
Last Post by peggyfan

Peggy Lee on "The Merv Griffin Show" airing on Get TV

by peggyfan
1,478 2 11/16/2015 08:25PM
Last Post by ronmabe

"Fever" - Elvis Presley and Michael Buble

by Bob Wallace
1,749 3 11/15/2015 10:05AM
Last Post by ed

Peggy Lee and pianist/organist Lloyd Collins in Fargo, North Dakota

by peggyfan
1,561 1 10/28/2015 01:29PM
Last Post by peggyfan

Summer vacations

by tony
1,303 1 10/26/2015 05:50AM
Last Post by tony

No "Mirrors" songs at the Waldorf

by Rick Scott
1,882 9 10/13/2015 12:54PM
Last Post by Bob Wallace

Peggy Lee live at City Hall 1984

by Richardholland
1,516 3 10/10/2015 11:51AM
Last Post by Richardholland

Peggy Lee in Valley City, North Dakota

by peggyfan
1,474 1 10/02/2015 07:59AM
Last Post by peggyfan

Benny Goodman and Chiquita Banana

by hottinruth
1,643 4 08/28/2015 05:34AM
Last Post by Iv

Ken Barnes

by Bob Wallace
1,350 4 08/27/2015 02:05PM
Last Post by Bob Wallace

Peggy Lee's album "I Like Men"

by Iv
4,786 10 06/15/2015 10:43AM
Last Post by raymond0823

Leiber and Stoller

by Richardholland
1,533 2 06/09/2015 01:55PM
Last Post by Theo

Remastering and remixing of Peggy Lee CDs

by Iv
5,438 17 06/04/2015 10:31PM
Last Post by henryjg