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Christmas songs

Posted by imhere2dance 
Christmas songs
November 04, 2010 10:32AM
Does anyone have a list of every Christmas song Peggy recorded? I have Peggy's Christmas CDs and a few compilation CDs that feature her, but I want to be sure I'm not missing anything.

Re: Christmas songs
November 04, 2010 11:17AM
Hallo Imhere!

Yes, there are some Christmas songs as Peggy sang as very few collectors have heard. I'm looking at my Redmond Nostalgia Collection and I know there are some rarities as Peggy sang with Bing Crosby in the later 40s. Also she had a Christmas show together with Bob Hope and Jimmy Durante at the same time. I plan to make a list of all these rare songs as soon I get time to do it. I think that Iván also know and give us more information.

Best wishes to you all!

Re: Christmas songs
November 04, 2010 02:01PM
I look forward to your list. smiling smiley

Re: Christmas songs
November 06, 2010 04:20PM
Hi Kelly and Jarl,

From the Benny Goodman days
1. Winter Weather

From the Decca years
2. It's Christmas Time Again
3. Ring Those Christmas Bells
4. Little Jack Frost, Get Lost
5. Peace on Earth / Silent Night
6. Snow
7. White Christmas (Finale)

From the early Capitol years
8. Song at Midnight
9. The Christmas Spell

From the Capitol album Christmas Carousel
10. I Like a Sleighride (Jingle Bells)
11. The Christmas Song
12. Don't Forget to Feed the Reindeer
13. The Star Carol
14. The Christmas List
15. Christmas Carousel
17. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
18. The Christmas Waltz
19. The Christmas Riddle
20. The Tree
21. Deck the Halls
22. White Christmas

From the Capitol album Happy Holidays
23. Winter Wonderland
24. The Little Drummer Boy
25. Happy Holiday

From Peggy's later, post-Capitol years
26. My Dear Acquaintance
27. Everybody Needs a Santa Claus

Radio tracks available on CD
28. Here Comes Santa Claus (Bing Crosby show)
29. Silver Bells (Bing Crosby show)
30. The Christmas Song (Jimmy Durante show)

Miscellaneous seasonal tracks
31. Here's to You
32. Toys for Tots
33. We Be Friends
34. It Must Be So
35. Straight Ahead

If I have forgotten any suitable numbers, help please.

As Jarl intimated, there might be a few more radio numbers to add, from the CDrs released by the "radio-stuff" company Redmond Nostalgia. And there are certainly other radio numbers that have not made it to CD at all.

Tracks 31 to 35 are not necessarily holiday numbers, but they can be said to have the spirit of the holidays.

So, here's hoping that you already have most of those in the CDs that you purchased, Kelly.

Re: Christmas songs
November 07, 2010 01:40AM
I knew I could count on you, Ivan! thumbs up Thanks a lot. grinning smiley I have many of those songs and I'll try to track down the few I'm missing.

Re: Christmas songs
November 11, 2010 03:20PM
This might not be news but I just found the Christmas Carousel album released in 2010 on iTunes for download! I'm excited because there are three songs not included on Christmas with Peggy Lee from a few years ago:

The Christmas List
The Christmas Riddle
Deck the Halls
Re: Christmas songs
November 17, 2010 09:02PM
I'm putting the finishing touches on my Christmas 2010 mix which includes Peggy's "I Wound It Up."

Mike D.
Re: Christmas songs
November 18, 2010 05:41AM

For your comprehensive Christmas list, don't forget this footnote item: Christmas Lullaby, penned by Peggy Lee and Cy Coleman and included on Petula Clark's 2009 Collectors' Choice album This Is Christmas.

Better yet, include the song on your list and buy the CD. Admittedly, it's sort of like getting a Cadillac instead of a Ford, then wondering what it would be like having a Rolls Royce. That is, Petula's version of the song is very nice, better than an interpretation by some lesser performer, but you can't help but wonder how Peggy's recording would have been, had she recorded it.

Re: Christmas songs
November 18, 2010 12:43PM
I was unaware of "Christmas Lullaby". Many thanks for the suggestion, Kevin.

Mike D.
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