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Send in the Clowns

Posted by Richardholland 
Send in the Clowns
August 26, 2016 05:18PM
Finally this magnificent performance of Send in the Clowns showed up again on YouTube. Thanks to the person who uploaded it. It's one of my favourite performances by Peggy in her later career and the best rendition I know so far of this beautiful song. Peggy shows once again that less is more. It touches me right in the heart.


Re: Send in the Clowns
August 26, 2016 11:52PM
Brilliant! I love it. Makes me want to show it to everyone I know!

Do we know what year it was?
Re: Send in the Clowns
August 27, 2016 10:47AM
I believe it's 1978 Theo. I love it too. It's as I wrote before one of my favourite performances of Peggy. It's a really moving rendition of this song. Glad you feel the same about it!

Re: Send in the Clowns
August 31, 2016 01:51AM
Good to know about it.
Re: Send in the Clowns
September 02, 2016 09:32AM
"Send in the Clowns" became known in 1973. Peggy Lee seems to have loved it right from the start. However, she abstained from recording or performing the song back then, when it was new. Judging from a general comment that she made during an interview, I gather that there was a specific reason for her abstention. Peggy felt that she had already recorded too many songs with clown motifs in them, and did not want to overdo her recourse to the theme.

In 1978, the singer obviously had a change of heart. As she says during her chat with Johnny Carson, the show's "magnificent oboe player" brought about this change. Watching him interpret the number during an episode, she felt so inspired that she could no longer evade taking a bite at the song. Had she recorded an album in 1978, I for one would have not been surprised if she had included this number among its tracks.*

In 1980, she went on to sing "Send in the Clowns" regularly for about a month, during her run in the theatrical production Side By Side By Sondheim.


* (Maybe "Don't Cry Out Loud" and "My Father" would have been among the album's other ballads!)
Re: Send in the Clowns
September 09, 2016 02:01AM
Peggy sang this song beautifully.
Re: Send in the Clowns
September 19, 2016 07:18AM
This episode of The Tonight Show was first broadcast on August 3, 1978. I have a complete copy of this show, including the commercials broadcast nationally, on VHS tape. In the late 1990's, the Johnny Carson website sold copies of shows on demand for a couple of years. You could search the site for shows featuring a guest, such as Miss Lee, and then order the show by broadcast date. As I recall, the cost was about $40.00 per show. I ordered six shows, but I only received two shows: November 21, 1974 and August 3, 1978. On the 1974 show, Miss Lee sang "I'm A Woman;" "Just For A Thrill," featuring a trumpet solo by Doc Severinsen; and "Fever." Another guest on this show was Dr. Michael Fox, an animal psychologist. During Dr. Fox's interview, Miss Lee disclosed, quite charmingly, that whenever she leaves to go on the road, her pet dog has an "hysterical pregnancy."
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