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Is That All A Mistake?

Posted by Kevin 
Is That All A Mistake?
January 22, 2017 04:28AM
Recently, in listening to the wondrous version of My Old Flame on the 2003 British twofer reissue of the Is That All There Is? album thru earphones, I noticed a distinct dull mechanical thud at 3:11 I did not recall.

I was startled to hear it, and I listened several times more and was aware of it again.

To determine if there might be a flaw on the disc, I listened to a YouTube copy of the song, and the same unexpected thud was there.

Now the sound could be a single beat or mis-beat on a bass drum or other percussive instrument, although another, similarly pitched sound, a bit later in the instrumental break, is much less pronounced and jarring.

But it could be a distortion or a blip of some sort, perhaps caused by a speck of dust or bald spot on the master or existing for some other technological reason beyond me.

Has anyone else been aware of this unusual sound? Is it a glitch? Is it intentional? Was the 2003 release a remaster? Will the album be remastered at some future time?

In any event, I am wondering if I'll hear more surprises when listening to other Peggy Lee albums thru earphones. It seems that she and her top-notch accompanists added many subtle sounds here and there, and you never quite comprehend all of it all at once. There is always something more, some new little thing that went undetected thru countless earlier listenings!
Re: Is That All A Mistake?
February 09, 2017 07:00PM
I have a friend who, unlike me, uses earphones to listen to his music. Here is his opinion:

"This remaster does not have any noise reduction - there's significant background noise during quiet passages. If there was any hums or thuds, they'd be quite obvious. Fortunately, the noise we hear at 3:11 is supposed to be there...it's the bass drum being kicked. It may catch some listeners by surprise because it's slighty off-beat to add some syncopation to the performance."

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