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Unlike Doris Day, Peggy Lee gave her fans everything

Posted by healthychefbob 
Unlike Doris Day, Peggy Lee gave her fans everything
April 08, 2020 08:25AM
I was watching the auction of the late, Doris Day. Doris and Peggy were my favorite singers/actresses. I realized that there is a huge difference between them: Doris retired and left us fans to ourselves, while Peggy made sure that her fans were happy. She performed until her 80's and did not care if she was ill. She even performed the last few years sitting on a fancy desk chair. She gave her fans everything.

I was lucky enough to have known her personally and would visit with her whenever she came to NY. She was intelligent, gracious and I loved talking with her. She had an amazing sense of humor, which she would also bring to the stage. She was also extremely knowledgeable about music. I guess you don't last that long without knowing your stuff!

There is a song by Peter Allen that I always think applies to Peggy, "Quiet Please There's A Lady Onstage". She gave us fans everything, no matter if she was well or ill.

I am so glad that her music lives on and I smile whenever I hear a TV commercial with her music on it. She is still with us for that 30 or 60 seconds...

Also check out a cabaret act called "Lee Squared". Two impersonators, singers, comedians portray Peggy "Lee" and "Lee" Liberace. (Lee Squared) One sings her songs and the other is an excellent pianist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNnLe5FeRUw. It is all in good fun and good taste and Peggy is looking down loving it.
Re: Unlike Doris Day, Peggy Lee gave her fans everything
July 03, 2020 09:10PM
That's not really fair. Should Doris have continued with her career just to please her fans? She dedicated the rest of her life to helping animals. I wish Doris had continued, at least her recording career but that didn't work out. Doris loved her fans and was always grateful to them and surprised that she was remembered so fondly. I love Peggy too and have met both her and Doris. They were both wonderful ladies.
Re: Unlike Doris Day, Peggy Lee gave her fans everything
August 10, 2020 01:41PM
I agree with geoffas. Doris gave all to her fans and to animal advocacy. The amount of fan mail she received up to her death was unbelievable. And she personally went through it all and signed responses. Her Doris Day Animal Foundation continues her legacy to help the fur babies. I would love to have seen her sing and act longer but what she accomplished in her animal rights career should not be overlooked. Doris was still receiving scripts from directors to prod her out of retirement well into her 90's. She was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contributions to entertainment and animal advocacy. She was quite the lady like Peggy. I would love to have seen them do a duet. I think their voices would have blended perfectly.
Re: Unlike Doris Day, Peggy Lee gave her fans everything
August 11, 2020 03:25PM
[url=https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b5/ad/9b/b5ad9b5dfdb14fe1454f66406b286046.jpg]Doris and Peggy[/url]
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