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The following is an excerpt from an article written by Peggy Lee fan Sean Connors, co-owner of Medium Rare Records in San Francisco, California.

Peggy Lee: Singer, Songwriter

Today, it is almost the norm for singers to write their own songs, but in the 1940s when there was a proliferation of music coming out of Tin Pan Alley, Broadway and Hollywood, it was not. Not until Peggy Lee, who was the first famous singer-songwriter.

She began writing songs in earnest with her husband, guitarist Dave Barbour. One of her first songs, “What More Can a Woman Do?”, written in 1945, was soon recorded by another young singer named Sarah Vaughan. Sarah recorded this with some guys named Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. This song also became the album title and hit R&B single for another great singer, Big Maybelle.

Peggy’s first big songwriting hits, in 1946, were “I Don’t Know Enough About You” and “It’s a Good Day,” which was later used as one of the opening numbers in the Susan Hayward film, With a Song in My Heart, about the life of singer Jane Froman. Then in 1948 she wrote “Mañana,” which topped the charts for nine weeks and was Capitol Records’ biggest hit single by a singer-songwriter until the Beatles (and then it took four men!).

In the 1950s, while continuing to write hit singles, she began writing for motion pictures. In 1952, Peggy wrote “How Strange,” her first song for a motion picture, the Robert Stack/Virginia Grey movie The Bullfighter and the Lady.

In 1953 she wrote “This Is a Very Special Day” for the remake of the movie The Jazz Singer, in which she co-starred with Danny Thomas. That same year she wrote a mood poem, “New York City Ghost,” which she performed at the Hollywood Bowl to orchestra music composed by Victor Young, the composer of “Around the World in 80 Days” and her collaborator at the time.

Then in 1954, Peggy wrote a song for the Tony Curtis movie The Rawhide Years, the title song for the Joan Crawford movie Johnny Guitar, and the song “I Love You So” for the Shirley Booth movie About Mrs. Leslie.

Lady and the Tramp followed in 1955 — Peggy’s first complete score for a movie. That same year she was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Pete Kelly’s Blues, and an Emmy for best female singer on television.

The following year she wrote the theme for the Ethel Barrymore/Carolyn Jones movie Johnny Trouble, and four songs for the movie Tom Thumb (1958), including “Take a Little Time to Smile.”

1958 was also the first year of the Grammy Awards and her hit “Fever,” for which she wrote new lyrics, was nominated for four Grammys, including Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Vocal. (She received eight more vocal nominations by 1969, the year she won for “Is That All There Is?” by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.)

She continued to write for both singles and motion pictures. With Duke Ellington she wrote “I’m Gonna Go Fishin'” for the movie Anatomy of a Murder. Then in 1961, with Harold Arlen, she wrote “Happy with the Blues” for a television special on Arlen’s music. (“Happy with the Blues” became the title of Arlen’s biography.) Later came songs for the Jane Fonda movie Joy House (1964), the Carl Reiner movie The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (1966), the Cary Grant movie Walk, Don’t Run (1966), the Alan Arkin movie The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1968), the Charles Bronson movie Rider on the Rain (1971), and The Nickel Ride (1974).

It therefore came as no surprise that in 1983, when she was to appear in a musical on Broadway about her life, entitled simply Peg, Peggy herself would write the score.

Additionally, Peggy has almost always included one or more original songs on nearly every one of her dozens of albums, and in 1990 released an entire compact disc, There’ll Be Another Spring: The Peggy Lee Songbook, consisting of songs she wholly or partly composed (including five new compositions).

Although she wrote the music for a number of these compositions, Peggy usually writes the lyrics, and has collaborated with such fine composers as Dave Barbour, Victor Young, Harold Arlen, Willard Robison, Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, Cy Coleman, Johnny Mandel, Dave Grusin, Robert Farnon, Francis Lai, Sonny Burke, Paul Horne, Jack Marshall, Marion McPartland, Lalo Schifrin, Michel Legrand, Dick Hazzard, Hubie Wheeler and Bob Schluger.

Artists in almost every field of music, from R&B singer Big Maybelle to opera singer Julia Migenes, have recorded Peggy’s songs, including Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Nat “King” Cole, Mel Tormé, Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan, Bing Crosby, June Christy, Della Reese, Dionne Warwick, Jack Jones, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Cleo Laine, Nina Simone, Sammy Davis Jr., Annie Ross, Eileen Farrell, Jack Teagarden, Elvis Presley, Blossom Dearie, The Mills Brothers, Jonah Jones, Nellie Lutcher, Chris Connor, Mark Murphy, Mose Allison, Barbara Lea, Michael Feinstein, Holly Cole, k.d. lang and Madonna.

These compositions have withstood the test of time. Peggy’s 1948 recording of her composition “Don’t Smoke in Bed” (which she credited to Willard Robison to help his daughter financially) opened the Jack Nicholson movie The Two Jakes. A 1966 composition, “The Shining Sea,” was recorded by Eileen Farrell on her 1992 CD It’s Over, and a 1983 composition, “Angels on Your Pillow,” from the Broadway musical Peg, was included on Michael Feinstein’s 1992 CD, Pure Imagination.

 Click here for a list of Peggy Lee compositions recorded by other singers.

Peggy Sings Peggy: A Selective CD Discography

Comments: Care to sample Peggy’s superb songwriting skills? The following is a list of some of Peggy’s compact discs featuring her own compositions. Peggy’s collaborators are listed in parentheses. An asterisk (*) indicates that Peggy received sole credit for the song. This is by no means a complete listing of all Peggy CDs containing her compositions. Instead, it starts with CDs containing the most Lee compositions, and then descends in quantity of songs. Those CDs with just one, two or three compositions, toward the end of the list, contain at least one “unique” track not found on previously listed CDs.

13 songs:

The Peggy Lee Songbook: There’ll Be Another Spring (Musicmasters 50342, US, 1990)
Circle in the Sky (Emil Palame) / I Just Want to Dance All Night (John Chiodini) / He’s a Tramp (Sonny Burke) / There’ll Be Another Spring (Hubie Wheeler) / Johnny Guitar (Victor Young) / Fever (Johnny Davenport, Eddie Cooley) / I’ll Give It All to You (John Chiodini) / Sans Souci (Sonny Burke) / Where Can I Go Without You? (Victor Young) / Boomerang (I’ll Give It All to You) (John Chiodini) / Things Are Swingin’ (Jack Marshall) / Over the Wheel (John Chiodini) / The Shining Sea (Johnny Mandel)

7 songs:

The Best of the Decca Years (MCA/Decca 11571, US, 1997)
This Is a Very Special Day (*) / He’s a Tramp (Sonny Burke) / It Must Be So (*) / Where Can I Go Without You? (Victor Young) / Sans Souci (Sonny Burke) / Johnny Guitar (Victor Young) / The Siamese Cat Song (Sonny Burke)

The Best of the Capitol Years (EMI 7905522, UK, 1988)
Mañana (Dave Barbour) / It’s a Good Day (Dave Barbour) / Don’t Smoke In Bed (Willard Robinson) / Fever (Johnny Davenport, Eddie Cooley) / So What’s New (Johnny Pisano) / The Shining Sea (Johnny Mandel) / I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ (Duke Ellington)

6 songs:

Peggy Lee: At Her Best (Castle/Pulse 543, UK, 1997)
The Train Blues (Quincy Jones) / Fisherman’s Wharf (Milton Raskin) / Boston Beans (Bob Schluger, Milton Raskin) / New York City Blues (Quincy Jones) / Dreams of Summer (Kokakura) / Here’s to You (Richard Hazard)

5 songs:

Black Coffee and Other Delights (MCA/Decca 211122, US, 1994)
Sans Souci (Sonny Burke) / Who’s Gonna Pay the Check? (*) / Where Can I Go Without You? (Victor Young) / Johnny Guitar (Victor Young) / I Don’t Know Enough About You (Dave Barbour)

Capitol Collector’s Series: Peggy Lee (Capitol 7931952, US, 1990)
I Don’t Know Enough About You (Dave Barbour) / It’s a Good Day (Dave Barbour) / Everything’s Movin’ Too Fast (Dave Barbour) / Mañana (Dave Barbour) / Don’t Smoke in Bed (Willard Robinson)

Why Don’t You Do Right? — 25 Early Hits (ASV/Living Era 5237, US, 1997)
What More Can a Woman Do? / You Was Right, Baby / I Don’t Know Enough About You / Everything’s Movin’ Too Fast / It’s a Good Day (all songs written with Dave Barbour)

Christmas Carousel (Capitol 594450, US, 1990)
Don’t Forget to Feed the Reindeer (*) / The Christmas List (*) / Christmas Carousel (*) / The Christmas Riddle (Stella Castellucci) / The Tree (*)

Why Don’t You Do Right? (Entertainers 239, UK, 1990)
I Don’t Know Enough About You (Dave Barbour) / It’s a Good Day (Dave Barbour) / Don’t Smoke in Bed (Willard Robinson) / Mañana (Dave Barbour) / Johnny Guitar (Victor Young)

4 songs:

Sea Shells (MCA/Japan 264, Japan, 1989)
Little Old Car (H. Beau) / The Happy Monks (*) / The White Birch and the Sycamore (Willard Robinson, Hubie Wheeler) / The Gold Wedding Ring (Sukman)

Some of the Best (Laserlight 12641, US, 1996)
It’s a Good Day (Dave Barbour) / Take a Little Time to Smile (Dave Barbour) / Sans Souci (Sonny Burke) / How Strange (Victor Young)

Peggy Lee with Bing Crosby: It’s a Good Day (Parrot 1, UK, 1991)
It’s a Good Day / Everything’s Movin’ Too Fast / What More Can a Woman Do? / Just an Old Love of Mine (all songs written with Dave Barbour)

Moments Like This (Chesky 84, US, 1993)
I Don’t Know Enough About You (Dave Barbour) / I’m in Love Again (Cy Coleman) / Mañana (Dave Barbour) / Then Was Then (Cy Coleman)

3 songs:

Peggy Lee in Concert (Entertainers/Promo Sound 346, UK, 1996)
Hand on the Plow (Lowe) / Here’s to You (Richard Hazard) / I Love Being Here with You (Bob Schluger)

2 songs:

Things Are Swingin’ / Jump for Joy (EMI/Capitol 8545432, UK, 1996)
Things Are Swingin’ (Jack Marshall) / It’s a Good, Good Night (*)

Close Enough for Love (DRG 5190, US, date?)
Easy Does It (Richard Hazard) / In the Days of Our Love (Marian McPartland)

1 song:

Beauty and the Beat! (Capitol 7984542, US, 1992)
There’ll Be Another Spring (Hubie Wheeler — live version, 1959)

Love Held Lightly (EMI/Angel 54798, US, 1993)
Happy with the Blues (Harold Arlen)

The Man I Love / If You Go (EMI/Capitol 8553892, UK, 1997)
(I Love Your) Gypsy Heart (Harry Sukman)

Latin a la Lee / Olé a la Lee (EMI/Capitol 8560562, UK, 1997)
Olé (*)

I’ve Got a Crush on You (Avid 549, UK, 1995)
When You Speak with Your Eyes (Dave Barbour, Touzet)

Billboard Presents Family Lullaby Classics (Rhino 72454, US, 1997)
La-la-lu (Sonny Burke)

Batmania: Songs Inspired by the Batman TV Series (Varese Sarabande 5821, 1997)
That Man (Bob Schluger)

Peggy Lee’s Published Compositions
by date of publication

Little Fool (Peggy Lee)

You Was Right, Baby (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
What More Can a Woman Do? (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)

Don’t Be So Mean to Baby (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
I Don’t Know Enough About You (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
It’s a Good Day (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (adapted and arranged by Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Everything’s Movin’ Too Fast (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Lonesome for Love (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Just an Old Love of Mine (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)

Let It Bother Me (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Mañana (Is Soon Enough for Me) (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
If I Can Live My Life with You (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
North Dakota (We Salute You) (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Confusion Says (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Lullaby for a Wee One (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Nice to Be Small (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Take a Little Time to Smile (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Could You Love Somebody Like Me? (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)

Blum, Blum (I Wonder Who I Am) (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Neon Signs (Gonna Shine Like Neon, Too) (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
My Small Señor (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Bless You (For the Good That’s In You) (Peggy Lee / Mel Tormé)

When You Speak with Your Eyes (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour / Rene Touzet)
Happy Music (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
I’m in the Mood for Music (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
Please Treat Her Nicer (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
When It Rains, It Pours (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour / Woody Herman)

If I Had a Chance with You (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
That Ol’ Devil (Won’t Get Me) (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
I Gotta Do Something Fast (Peggy Lee)
Wife, Go Home and Mind Your Cleanin’ (Peggy Lee)
The White Birch and the Sycamore (Peggy Lee / Willard Robison / Hubert Wheeler)
A Straw Hat Full of Lilacs (Peggy Lee / Willard Robison)
I Love You But I Don’t Like You (Peggy Lee / Henry Beau)

How Strange (from The Bullfighter and the Lady) (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
Sans Souci (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
Goodbye, My Love (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)

This Is a Very Special Day (from The Jazz Singer) (Peggy Lee)
Who’s Gonna Pay the Check? (Peggy Lee)
Don’t Make Believe (Peggy Lee)
O, Baby, Come Home (Peggy Lee / Dave Barbour)
New York City Ghost (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
Whee, Baby (Peggy Lee / Alice Larson)

The Joy of Easter (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
Your Last Adios (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
Funny Little Ole Bluebird (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
With Joy Shall Ye Drink (Peggy Lee)
It’s Because We’re in Love (Peggy Lee)
The Gypsy with the Fire in His Shoes (from The Rawhide Years) (Peggy Lee / Laurindo Almeida)
Where Can I Go without You? (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
Johnny Guitar (from Johnny Guitar) (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
I Love You So (from About Mrs. Leslie) (Peggy Lee / Victor Young)
(I Love Your) Gypsy Heart (Peggy Lee / Harry Sukman)
I Don’t Want to Walk in the Dark (Peggy Lee)
This Is a Brand New Day (Peggy Lee)

Peace on Earth (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
Bella Notte (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
What Is a Baby? (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
The Siamese Cat Song (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
La La Lu (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
He’s a Tramp (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
Straight Ahead (Peggy Lee)
It Must Be So (Peggy Lee)
It’s a Funny Old World (Peggy Lee)
Mr. Magoo Does the Cha Cha Cha (Peggy Lee / Gene di Novi)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (adapted/arranged by Peggy Lee / Neal Hefti)
We (Peggy Lee / Stella Castellucci)
The Gold Wedding Ring (Peggy Lee / Harry Sukman)
Little Old Car (Peggy Lee / Heinie Beau)
The Happy Monks (Instrumental) (Peggy Lee)

(Theme from) Johnny Trouble (from Johnny Trouble) (Peggy Lee)

That Fellow’s a Friend of Man (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
Old Trusty (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
Jim Dear (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
Singin’ (Cause He Wants to Sing) (from Lady and the Tramp) (Peggy Lee / Sonny Burke)
It’s a Good, Good Night (Peggy Lee)

One for You and One for Me (from Tom Thumb) (Peggy Lee)
Tom Thumb’s Tune (from Tom Thumb) (Peggy Lee)
Are You a Dream? (from Tom Thumb) (Peggy Lee)
I’m About My Father’s Business (Peggy Lee)
Things Are Swingin’ (Peggy Lee / Jack Marshall)
The River of Life (Peggy Lee / Jack Marshall)
I Like Men (Peggy Lee / Jack Marshall)
Goin’ Down the Road (Peggy Lee / Jack Marshall)
You Gotta Keep Singing (Peggy Lee / Jack Marshall)
The Walk to the Ring (Theme for Carlos) (Peggy Lee)

I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ (from Anatomy of a Murder) (Peggy Lee / Duke Ellington)
The Tree (Peggy Lee, based on a theme by Robert Schumann)
The Christmas List (Peggy Lee, based on a theme by Josef Haydn)
How Can You Erase a Memory? (Peggy Lee / Sid Kuller)
There’ll Be Another Spring (Peggy Lee / Hubie Wheeler)

El Toro (Peggy Lee / Laurindo Almeida)
I Love Being Here with You (Peggy Lee / Bill Schluger)
The Christmas Riddle (Peggy Lee / Stella Castellucci)
Christmas Carousel (Peggy Lee)
Don’t Forget to Feed the Reindeer (Peggy Lee)
Because I Love Him So (Peggy Lee / Milton Raskin)
Latin a la Lee (Peggy Lee / Sid Kuller)
Olé (Peggy Lee)

Embrasse Moi (Embrace Me, Again One Time) (Peggy Lee / Aime Barelli)
France Theme (Peggy Lee / Robert Farnon)
London Theme (Peggy Lee / Robert Farnon)
Happy with the Blues (from TV special, Harold Arlen: Happy with the Blues) (Peggy Lee / Harold Arlen)

All for You (Peggy Lee / Steve Allen)
Fisherman’s Wharf (Peggy Lee / Milton Raskin)
San Francisco Blues (Peggy Lee / Milton Raskin / Bill Schluger)
The Grain Belt Blues (Peggy Lee / Milton Raskin / Bill Schluger)
Los Angeles Blues (Peggy Lee / Quincy Jones)
The Train Blues (Peggy Lee / Quincy Jones)
New York City Blues (Peggy Lee / Quincy Jones)
Boston Beans (Peggy Lee / Milton Raskin / Bill Schluger)
Cross Country Blues (Peggy Lee / Quincy Jones)

Got That Magic (Peggy Lee / Bill Schluger)
My Star (Peggy Lee / Ralph Peña)
Never Depend on a Man (Peggy Lee)
Politics (Peggy Lee)
Because I Love You (Peggy Lee)
I’m Your Girl (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard)
Today (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard)
I Don’t Wanna Leave You Now (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard / Jeanne Taylor)
I’m Saving My Tears for Tomorrow (Peggy Lee / Herm Saunders)

That’s My Style (Peggy Lee / Cy Coleman)
(I’m) In Love Again (Peggy Lee / Cy Coleman / Bill Schluger)
I’ll Follow You (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard)
Since You’ve Gone (Peggy Lee)
I Wanna Jump (Peggy Lee)
I Walked by Her Door (Peggy Lee / Johnny Mann)
A Great Big Love (Peggy Lee / Max Bennett / Jimmy Rowles)
Theme from Joy House (Just Call Me Love Bird) (from Joy House) (Peggy Lee / Lalo Schifrin)
That’s What It Takes (Peggy Lee / Cy Coleman / Bill Schluger)

Then Was Then (And Now Is Now) (Peggy Lee / Cy Coleman)
That Big Pink Cloud (Peggy Lee / Gene di Novi)
But Only for You (Peggy Lee / Gene di Novi)

That Man (Peggy Lee / Bill Schluger)
A Bird in a Gilded Cage (adapted/arranged by Peggy Lee)
The Shining Sea (from The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming) (Peggy Lee / Johnny Mandel)
Happy Feet (Peggy Lee / Quincy Jones)
Stay with Me (Peggy Lee / Quincy Jones)
So What’s New? (Peggy Lee / John Pisano)

Christmas Lullaby (Peggy Lee / Cy Coleman)
Here’s to You (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard)
I Wound It Up (Peggy Lee)
I’m Gonna Get It (Peggy Lee / John Pisano)
Peggy Lee: Songs for Singers (a folio containing 13 previously published Lee compositions)

I Want Some Men (Peggy Lee)
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (from The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) (Peggy Lee / Dave Grusin)
Lean on Me (Peggy Lee / Mundell Lowe / Mike Melvoin)

Passenger of the Rain (from Rider on the Rain) (Peggy Lee / Francis Lai)

Sugar, Don’t You Know? (Peggy Lee / Louis Bellson / Jack Hayes)

The Nickel Ride (from The Nickel Ride) (Peggy Lee / Dave Grusin)

Mon Amor (My Love) (Peggy Lee / Jean Andre Brun / Michel Legrand)

Courage, Madame (Peggy Lee / Peter Moore)
Dreams of Summer (Peggy Lee / Utakaka Kokakura)

Los Angeles Forevermore (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard)

Easy Does It (Peggy Lee / Richard Hazard)
In the Days of Our Love (Peggy Lee / Marian McPartland)

Soul (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Daddy Was a Railroad Man (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Mama (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
That Old Piano (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
One Beating a Day (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
That’s How I Learned to Sing the Blues (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Sometimes You’re Up (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
He’ll Make Me Believe That He’s Mine (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
The Other Part of Me (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Angels On Your Pillow (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
What Did Dey Do to My Goil? (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
No More Rainbows (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Flowers and Flowers (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
There Is More (from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Just Because the Years Go By (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
The Folks Back Home (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Mr. Clown (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Honey (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
My Little Girl Has Gone Away (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Clown Party (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Petit Chanson de Reves (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Mirrors and Marble (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)
Get Off Your Knees (unused, from Peg) (Peggy Lee / Paul Horner)

Blues for Basie (Peggy Lee)

I’ll Give It All to You (Peggy Lee / John Chiodini)
Butterfly (Peggy Lee / John Chiodini)
Let’s Fall a Little Bit in Love (Peggy Lee / John Chiodini)

Let It Go (Peggy Lee / John Chiodini)