Peggy Lee


August 23, 2022

Watch Peggy Lee, Sergio Franchi, Nancy Sinatra Together on ‘Ed Sullivan’

Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee in 1957

July 28, 2022

All-Star Lineup Celebrates Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee at the Hollywood Bowl

Photo by Christopher Mortenson

July 26, 2022

How Holly Foster Wells, Granddaughter of Peggy Lee, Keeps the Iconic Singer-Songwriter’s Legacy Alive

Ultimate Peggy Lee

Universal Music Enterprises BUY / LISTEN 2020 marks the centennial for the iconic Peggy Lee, with a year-long celebration to mark the occasion, including museum exhibits, tribute shows, and more, along with a selection of music releases. Born May 26, 1920 in North Dakota, Peggy Lee went on to become[…]

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New Releases

Something Wonderful: Peggy Lee Sings the Great American Songbook

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Things Are Swingin’ — Her Greatest Songs (DVD)

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Black Coffee (Vinyl Edition)

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