Peggy Lee

Is That All There Is? Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition

Capitol Records/Universal Music

50th Anniversary Edition Digitally Released 2019
Original Album Released 1969 (Capitol Records)


This remastered edition of Peggy Lee’s iconic 1969 album features three previously unreleased tracks: a remixed version and alternate take of the title track, and an alternate version of “Me and My Shadow.”

Track Listing

1. Is That All There Is?
2. Love Story
3. Me and My Shadow
4. My Old Flame
5. I’m A Woman
6. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
7. Something
8. Whistle For Happiness
9. Johnny (Linda)
10. Don’t Smoke In Bed
11. Is That All There Is? (Remix Version/Peter Stoller)*
12. Me and My Shadow (Alternate Version)*
13. Is That All There Is? (Alternate Take)

*Previously unreleased bonus tracks