Peggy Lee

Moments Like This

Original Album Released in 1992 (Chesky Records)

Recorded in New York City in 1992 following a five-week engagement at Club 53 in the New York Hilton Hotel, Peggy Lee teamed up with Chesky Records to record what would be her last album.

Track Listing

1. I Don’t Know Enough About You
2. I’m In Love Again
3. Why Don’t You Do Right?
4. Remind Me
5. Moments Like This
6. Our Love Is Here To Stay
7. Don’t Ever Leave Me
8. Mañana
9. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
10. S’Wonderful
11. Amazing
12. Do I Love You?
13. You’re My Thrill
14. Always True To You In My Fashion
15. Then Was Then (And Now Is Now)