Peggy Lee

Rare Gems and Hidden Treasures

Capitol, United States, #72435-27564-2-1
Released July 18, 2000


19 rarer Capitol recordings, 1946-1962

Every Night (4/13/57, Capitol single #3722)

Please Don’t Rush Me (3/29/62, unissued, from Mink Jazz album sessions)

Light of Love (9/14/58, Capitol single #4071)

Ain’t Doin’ Bad Doin’ Nothin’ (11/26/47, unissued)

Eight, Nine and Ten (3/28/47, unissued)

Baby, Come Home (2/18/52, unissued)

I Love the Way You’re Breaking My Heart (12/17/51, unissued)

Why Should I Cry Over You? (7/3/47, unissued)

Bubble-loo, Bubble-loo (12/2/47, Capitol single #15118)

Blum Blum, I Wonder Who I Am (12/29/48, Capitol single #15371)

Similau (2/8/49, Capitol single #15416)

Laroo, Laroo, Lili Bolero (11/25/47, Capitol single #15048)

Hold Me (11/19/47, Capitol single #15298)

(I’m Not Gonna) Let It Bother Me (12/26/47, unissued)

It’s the Bluest Kind of Blue (10/18/46, unissued)

While We’re Young (11/27/47, Capitol single #15416)

Foolin’ Nobody But Me (11/20/47, unissued)

All the Cats Join In (6/10/46, Capitol radio transcription)

Farewell to Arms (6/23/61, unissued, from If You Go album sessions)