Peggy Lee

The Fabulous Peggy Lee

Original Album Released in 1964 (Decca Records)


Eight years after Peggy left Decca Records, the label released this collection of mid-1950s recordings that hadn’t previously appeared on long-playing albums. Includes songs by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and two of Peggy’s co-compositions: “Johnny Guitar” (with Victor Young) and “The Gypsy With Fire in His Shoes” (with Laurindo Almeida).

Track Listing

  1. Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me
  2. Oh! No! Please Don’t Go
  3. The Tavern
  4. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
  5. The Gypsy With Fire In His Shoes
  6. Do I Love You?
  7. Wrong Joe
  8. Me
  9. Johnny Guitar
  10. I Belong To You
  11. Autumn in Rome