Peggy Lee

Let’s Love

Rhino Handmade, US (RHM2 7853)
Released February 17, 2004


Rhino Handmade presents the first-ever CD version of Peggy’s 1974 album on Atlantic Records, Let’s Love. In addition to the original album’s eleven tracks, this release includes five bonus tracks. Four are 1974 recordings previously unreleased in any format (“I Am His Lady,” “I Wanna Be Seduced,” “The Nickel Ride,” alternate version of “Let’s Love”), and the fifth (“Let’s Keep Dancing”) is from the 1981 Warner Bros. Records album The Soundtrack Music from “Sharky’s Machine”.

Note: This CD release is an individually-numbered, limited-edition pressing of 3,000 copies and is available almost exclusively via the Rhino Handmade website.


1. Let’s Love
2. He Is the One
3. Easy Evil
4. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
5. Always
6. You Make Me Feel Brand New
7. Sweet Lov’liness
8. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
9. Sweet Talk
10. Sometimes
11. Let’s Love (Reprise)
12. I Am His Lady
13. I Wanna Be Seduced
14. The Nickel Ride
15. Let’s Keep Dancing
16. Let’s Love (Alternate Version)

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