Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee: Classics & Collectibles

BBC review of Classics & Collectibles praises Peggy’s “infinitely expressive” voice.
Universal, UK (1130342)

Released: March 10, 2003


Universal presents Classics & Collectibles, the first double-disc anthology of Peggy’s Decca recordings in nearly a decade. Like the Black Coffee and Other Delights collection released in 1994, Classics & Collectibles offers a survey of Peggy’s mid-1950s hits and standards, as well as songs she sang in five films: The Jazz Singer, Johnny Guitar, Pete Kelly’s Blues, The Racers, and Lady and the Tramp. It also includes a generous assortment of Peggy’s rarest recordings from 1952-56; 18 songs (indicated by asterisks below) make their first appearance on CD in any country, and over a dozen more are relatively rare to CD.

Disc One

1. Mr. Wonderful
2. He’s a Tramp
3. Black Coffee
4. Lover
5. Where Can I Go Without You?
6. This Is a Very Special Day
7. Sing a Rainbow
8. Just One of Those Things
9. Johnny Guitar
10. The Siamese Cat Song
11. The Moon Came Up With a Great Idea Last Night (with Bing Crosby)
12. Apples, Peaches and Cherries
13. (Sorry Baby) You Let My Love Get Cold*
14. Sans Souci
15. La La Lu
16. I Hear the Music Now
17. Oh! No! Please Don’t Go*
18. How Bitter, My Sweet
19. I Don’t Know Enough About You
20. It Never Entered My Mind
21. Ooh, That Kiss*
22. Bella Notte
23. I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now
24. Sisters
25. I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face
26. Peace on Earth/Silent Night

Disc Two

1. I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You)
2. The Tavern*
3. It Must Be So (with The Mills Brothers)
4. That’s What a Woman Is For
5. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong*
6. Never Mind*
7. Me
8. How Strange
9. Merry Go Runaround (with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope)
10. Wrong Joe*
11. The Night Holds No Fear for the Lover
12. Summer Vacation*
13. Go You Where You Go
14. Straight Ahead* (with The Mills Brothers)
15. The Gypsy With Fire in His Shoes*
16. Pablo Pasablo*
17. Little Jack Frost, Get Lost (with Bing Crosby)
18. I Belong to You
19. It’s Because We’re in Love* (with Jimmy Rowles)
20. Singing (‘Cause He Wants to Sing)*
21. That Fellow’s a Friend of Man*
22. Old Trusty*
23. Jim Dear*
24. What Is a Baby?
25. Mr. Magoo Does the Cha-Cha-Cha* (with Jim Backus)
26. Three Cheers for Mr. Magoo* (with Jim Backus)

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