Peggy Lee

Pete Kelly’s Blues (Blu-ray)

Warner Archive Collection
Release date: November 4, 2014

Pete Kelly's Blues DVD transparent

Back in 2008 we detailed the new DVD release by Warner Home Video of Pete Kelly’s Blues, the 1955 Warner Bros. musical drama that brought Peggy Lee an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress.

Now the Warner Archive Collection, a division of Warner Home Video, has released a Blu-ray edition of this film and the initial reviews of its technical qualities are very positive. In the New York Times, J. Hoberman calls it “excellently digitalized,” and Mike Clark writes in Home Media Magazine that “this Warner Archive Blu-ray comes as close to replicating the [original Technicolor print’s] experience as is possible in a non-theatrical showing.” Other favorable reviews have appeared on, DVD Savant and DVD Talk.

The Blu-ray release retains the bonus features that appeared in the standard DVD version: two Warner Bros. shorts from 1955, Gadgets Galore and The Hole Idea. The Blu-ray also features two of the film’s theatrical trailers, which were not included on the DVD release: the original color trailer (below) and an alternate trailer in black-and-white.

Pete Kelly’s Blues on Blu-ray can be purchased directly from the Warner Archive Collection or by the Amazon US and UK links below.

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