Peggy Lee

The Best of The Singles Collection (US version)

KCRW, Southern California’s NPR flagship station, chooses
The Best of The Singles Collection as one of its DJ Picks for both
September and October

Capitol, US (72435-82680-2-7)
Released June 10, 2003

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Capitol Records presents highlights from the Grammy-nominated, four-CD anthology The Singles Collection, which was released in late 2002. (For details on the four-disc set, click here.) The Best of The Singles Collection features both well-known hits and long-unavailable treasures spanning 25 years, from 1944’s “You Was Right, Baby” (one of the earliest Peggy Lee/Dave Barbour compositions) to Peggy’s Grammy-winning signature song “Is That All There Is?” and her striking cover of George Harrison’s “Something,” both from 1969. “Something” was remixed especially for this release and sounds better than ever. The Best of The Singles Collection also contains the first release of Gabin’s remix of “Fever,” which was commissioned by EMI for this album.


1. You Was Right, Baby
2. It’s a Good Day
3. Birmingham Jail
4. Don’t Smoke in Bed
5. If You Could See Me Now
6. At the Cafe Rendezvous
7. Once Around the Moon
8. Life Is So Peculiar
9. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
10. Fever
11. I’m Looking Out the Window
12. I’m Gonna Go Fishin’
13. My Gentle Young Johnny
14. The Folks Who Live On the Hill
15. I Love Being Here with You
16. Moments Like This
17. Senza Fine
18. Come Back to Me
19. Something
20. Is That All There Is?
21. Let’s Call It a Day
22. Fever (Gabin remix – radio edit)

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