Peggy Lee


100 Years After Her Birth, Peggy Lee Celebrated With a Book on Her ‘Century of Song’

Tish Oney was a doctoral student in search of a dissertation when she met the daughter of singer Peggy Lee at a jazz conference in 2004. “Nicki Lee Foster was in a room full of 600 jazz singers and stood up and said, ‘I’m Peggy Lee’s daughter,’ and got this long round of applause,” Oney says from her home in Greenville, S.C. “And she said, ‘I’m here just to say I want you to know that my mother had a legacy of her own as a songwriter, as a composer, and that was the legacy that she wanted people to remember. So if you’re interested, I have those songs, and I will be glad to share them with any or all of you.’” [Source: Orange County Register]

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