Peggy Lee


A Song in Peg’s Heart

by Phil Roura and Tom Poster

Peggy Lee looked at her pretty blond granddaughter, Holly, and smiled: “Someday you’ll produce my life story on Broadway.”

Peggy wasn’t kidding. Someday the Peggy Lee story will be back on Broadway.

The indomitable Miss Peggy, the ultimate song stylist, never got over the way her autobiography was bounced off Broadway.

“It took me six years of hard work and we had 18 performances and 18 standing ovations and then we got one night’s notice and it was over! Six years down the drain,” said Peg, as she visited the People Page.

“My friends tell me they were depressed by the story of my life. Hell, if they were depressed, imagine how I felt. I lived that story!” Snapping her famous fingers in her famous style, Peg says: Let’s look ahead.

“Sure, I want my story back on Broadway, but that’s a long way off and Holly will produce it,” she smiled.

For now, she has four weeks at the Ballroom with her new act. It’s a two-hour show, called simply Peggy Lee.

“That’s to distinguish it from the Broadway show Peg, so people will know they’re going to see something fresh,” she said

They loved it in Japan, West Germany and London and now her fans will see her here. Of course, she’ll do “Why Don’t You Do Right?” That was her first smash hit and her mind raced back to World War II for a moment

My brother, Leonard, used to tell me how the soldiers listened to it played over and over as they headed for the second wave at Normandy, how soldiers tried to take the record into battle with them,” she recalled

“That song brings back all kinds of memory and many war stories. Robert Preston used to listen to it overseas in the Air Force. He came to see me once after the war just to tell me how much he liked it.”

But what about Broadway? “Oh, sure, we’ll be back real soon,” Peg laughed. “We’ll drive up and down.”