Peggy Lee


From Small Town Roots to Big City Dreams – the Legacy of Peggy Lee

“While she might have moved away to expand her career as a singer and songwriter, Peggy always continued to remember her North Dakota upbringing. ‘She was a survivor, taking some pretty dire circumstances and turning them into a beautiful body of work,’ [said Holly Foster Wells]. ‘But she certainly didn’t do it alone, she did it with a lot of help from people from North Dakota. She couldn’t have gotten out of there and gone on to do all these things if she didn’t have people giving her rides to KOVC, if she didn’t have people lending her gowns to perform, or just helping her and supporting her. They were all just so supportive of her, especially in a time when it was a heavily male-dominated industry. She never lost that sense of gratitude for where she came from. It didn’t matter, even though she sang for the Queen Mother in London, she was still the girl from North Dakota, and she never forgot her roots.” [Source: Tami Olsen, Valley City Times-Record]

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