Peggy Lee


Grammy Museum® Presents Two New Exhibits: ‘100 Years of Peggy Lee’ and ‘Marley: A Family Legacy’

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (FEB. 3, 2021) 100 Years of Peggy Lee and Marley: A Family Legacy, two new exhibits curated by the GRAMMY Museum® in Los Angeles, celebrate the legacies and careers of two pioneering artists whose impact and influence continues today. 100 Years of Peggy Lee opens Feb. 9 and runs until Sept. 5. Marley: A Family Legacy opens Feb. 9, 2022 and runs until Oct. 16.

“The Grammy Museum has a long-standing relationship with the Marley family, and recently partnered with Peggy Lee’s family to present an online exhibit celebrating Lee’s centennial birthday,” said Nicholas Vega, Curator and Director of Exhibitions. “These exhibits continue to honor and recognize the lasting legacies of these groundbreaking artists.” 

100 Years of Peggy Lee

Over the course of seven decades, Peggy Lee redefined the role of the female singer, paving the way for those who followed. In addition to accumulating more than 270 songwriting credits, 1,100 masters, 50 original albums, 800 radio performances, and 200 television appearances, Peggy Lee also conquered acting and film music composition. Lee was involved in every aspect of her performances, from producing to costume and lighting design, and her stage presence exhibited unmatched vocal control, poise, and swagger. She was a creative powerhouse, directing her life and career on her own terms. She is often cited as an inspiration for contemporary female singers including Billie Eilish, k.d. lang, Diana Krall, Debbie Harry, Adele, and Katy Perry.

May 26, 2020, marked Peggy Lee’s centennial birthday. The GRAMMY Museum is proud to be a part of the ongoing celebration of this extraordinary artist and her considerable contributions to the world of jazz and popular music. 

100 Years of Peggy Lee exhibit artifact highlights include:

  • Handwritten notes, drawings, and paintings by Peggy Lee
  • Costume jewelry and accessories, such as the necklace Lee wore in the 1952 film, The Jazz Singer
  • Personal items, including a letter from Frank Sinatra and a gift from Quincy Jones
  • Lady and the Tramp character models gifted to Lee by Walt Disney 
  • Dave Barbour’s Gibson guitar
  • Various rare photographs and scrapbook clippings 

Read the full press release, including information about the ‘Marley: A Family Legacy’ exhibit.