Peggy Lee


Photo by Christopher Mortenson

How Holly Foster Wells, Granddaughter of Peggy Lee, Keeps the Iconic Singer-Songwriter’s Legacy Alive

“My grandmother told me when I was six years old that I was going to be doing this job,” she says. “I didn’t understand it; I didn’t even know what she was talking about. And as I got older she started giving me little nuggets of information along the way; my whole childhood growing up, she was teaching me what she wanted. And what I did understand was that her music was so important. And the fact that she was entrusting it to me felt amazing; I mean, that she would trust me that much. She had a lot of business people around her, but she wanted to know that someone who knew her and understood her and cared about her would keep it going in the way that she created it. So I think that’s why she picked me, because I was her flesh and blood, and a lot like her. She trained me.” [Holly Foster Wells as quoted by Gillian G. Gaar. Source: Audiofemme]

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