Peggy Lee


Peggy Lee – The Old, Old Tale

by Laurie Henshaw Peggy Lee is that eternal paradox – the good singer who doesn’t “sell.” At least, not to the mass market. That same paradox, of course, applies to instrumentalists and bands; the outstanding performers are rarely box-office. Happily, public approval sometimes runs parallel with good taste, but more[…]

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Softly…With Feeling

by Mary English With the record industry currently overrun with singers of the bleat-and-bellow or moan-and-mumble school, it gives me great satisfaction to report that 1955 is very likely to go down as biggest to date in the career of Peggy Lee. Already established as a singer and songwriter, her[…]

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Words, Songs and Performances by Peggy Lee

by Helen Gould Achieving success in one field may be a trying, sometimes impossible chore, but tripling in brass seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Peggy Lee. The tall, blue-eyed, platinum blonde hardly needs an introduction as a singer of popular songs, to judge by the myriad[…]

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Peggy Lee: She Can’t Stop Giving

by Kirtley Baskette Not long ago vivacious, husky-voiced Peggy Lee stood on the stage of a Baltimore theater singing her final number, a lively favorite called “Why Don’t You Do Right?” Halfway through, the spotlight failed. In the sudden black-out she had a wild thought: “Now I’ve killed myself.” Peggy[…]

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John Whitcomb Visits Peggy Lee

Composer, songstress, actress, now she’s the voice of Lady, the pert pup in Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp Take two powder-blue eyes, a seductive shape, a short platinum-white haircut, and a husky voice designed for candlelight and late hours, and you have Miss Peggy Lee, the lady who helped[…]

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“Retire? No!” Declares Peggy Lee; Eyes Video

by Ralph J. Gleason San Francisco – “Retire? I should say not!” declared Peggy Lee, in town for a three-week date in the Venetian Room of the Fairmont Hotel. Debunking retirement rumors, Peggy said, “That was a bad week. You have weeks like that along with the good ones.” “When[…]

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