Peggy Lee


Words, Songs and Performances by Peggy Lee

by Helen Gould Achieving success in one field may be a trying, sometimes impossible chore, but tripling in brass seems to be just what the doctor ordered for Peggy Lee. The tall, blue-eyed, platinum blonde hardly needs an introduction as a singer of popular songs, to judge by the myriad[…]

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Peggy Lee: She Can’t Stop Giving

by Kirtley Baskette Not long ago vivacious, husky-voiced Peggy Lee stood on the stage of a Baltimore theater singing her final number, a lively favorite called “Why Don’t You Do Right?” Halfway through, the spotlight failed. In the sudden black-out she had a wild thought: “Now I’ve killed myself.” Peggy[…]

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John Whitcomb Visits Peggy Lee

Composer, songstress, actress, now she’s the voice of Lady, the pert pup in Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp Take two powder-blue eyes, a seductive shape, a short platinum-white haircut, and a husky voice designed for candlelight and late hours, and you have Miss Peggy Lee, the lady who helped[…]

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“Retire? No!” Declares Peggy Lee; Eyes Video

by Ralph J. Gleason San Francisco – “Retire? I should say not!” declared Peggy Lee, in town for a three-week date in the Venetian Room of the Fairmont Hotel. Debunking retirement rumors, Peggy said, “That was a bad week. You have weeks like that along with the good ones.” “When[…]

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Peggy Lee Sees Mountains When She Sings Nowadays

by Ralph J. Gleason Don’t for a moment think those stories are true you’ve heard about Peggy Lee wanting to retire from singing and just write songs. The blonde Decca record star emphatically denies it. This week at the Fairmont Hotel, where she opened Tuesday for a three-week engagement at[…]

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Farmerette Makes Hay

by Earl Wilson Look who used to be a “hired girl” on a farm in North Dakota…Peggy Lee! I was once a “hired man” or “hired hand” on a farm in Ohio – so I know about such things. In the big cities, they would call a hired girl a[…]

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