Peggy Lee


Life of a Canary

Singer Peggy Lee has a routine that could kill a coal heaver. Here’s what she did in one day. by Louis Berg Canaries – we refer to the human platinum blondes who chirp for a living – do not have an easy life. Take the case of Peggy Lee, one[…]

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Peggy Lee Goes South of the Border

by B.H. “I’m a frustrated Latin,” Peggy says. “I like to show what I feel about something or somebody. In California I got to know a lot of Latin people. They say the darnedest things – they make you feel like a light bulb! I once wrote something called ‘For[…]

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by Herman L. Masin Being sports editor of Scholastic Magazines, I seldom get to see anything more inspiring than a clout into the bleachers or a hook shot from the bucket. All in all, it isn’t such a bad life. But every once in a while, I yearn for the[…]

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Meet the Barbours

by Peter Tanner She’s beautiful, she’s blonde – but she’s far from dumb. She’s a singer with a real jazz style, a composer of quite considerable merit and she’s married to one of America’s top guitarists. Meet Mrs. Dave Barbour – Peggy Lee to you and me. Peggy Lee has[…]

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It’s No Longer Cold Outside

Peggy Lee: Always Her Own Weather by Sidney Fields If you gathered all the stars and put them at the feet of Peggy Lee, she’d still be the kid from Fargo, North Dakota. Peggy is the singer with the silken voice who’s just thankful that she’s liked. She’s at the[…]

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Hooray for Love!

Peggy Lee would like to find its magic spell everywhere; lets Dave do all the talking about Armstrong, bop and critics by George Simon If she could just remember everybody’s birthday and could spend all of her Thanksgivings at home, Peggy Lee would be an extremely happy girl. For it[…]

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