Peggy Lee


Now They Call Her Actress Peggy Lee

by Muriel Fischer Peggy Lee makes a career of careers. The pretty, blond North Dakota lass, who spent her growing-up years acquiring a working knowledge of farms and railroads, then skipped to fame as a singer and later cut another niche as lyricist, now makes her debut as an actress.[…]

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Song Stylists: The Triumph of Malady over Melody

by Sigmund Spaeth One of the pet abominations of this reviewer is the so-called “song stylists,” a title which seems to be applied nowadays to almost anyone lacking either the courage or the ability to sing a popular number exactly as it was written. The “styling” of songs takes the[…]

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Tintyped: Peggy Lee

by Sidney Skolsky My tintype for today, Peggy Lee, suddenly became hot. She sang a triple-gaited mambo version of Rodgers and Hart waltz, “Lover.” It sold more records faster than any other recording she had ever made. It smacked the Hit Parade real hard. She was signed to play the[…]

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Peggy Lee Gets Big Film Role Nixed by Doris Day

by Hal Holly Hollywood – Warner Brothers’ forthcoming remake of The Jazz Singer, starring Danny Thomas in the role enacted by the late Al Jolson in the 1927 version that ushered in the industry-shaking era of sound pictures, takes on new interest for music-conscious moviegoers with the signing of Peggy[…]

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Singer with Instinct

author unknown Songstress Peggy Lee has always liked the old (1932) Rodgers and Hart waltz “Lover” (“Lover, when I’m near you,” etc.). She gets a picture in her head when she hears it: “The French Foreign Legion is riding out into the desert. They start off at a moderate speed.[…]

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Life of a Canary

Singer Peggy Lee has a routine that could kill a coal heaver. Here’s what she did in one day. by Louis Berg Canaries – we refer to the human platinum blondes who chirp for a living – do not have an easy life. Take the case of Peggy Lee, one[…]

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