Peggy Lee


Peggy Lee Featured on ‘Mobituaries with Mo Rocca’

An episode titled Peggy Lee: Death of Cool premieres October 11, 2023 on Mobituaries with Mo Rocca, a podcast in which the CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent “covers his favorite dearly departed people and things.” Quoting the episode description:

“There were so many different Peggy Lees: The woman who defined cool in the 1950s with songs like ‘Fever.’ The songwriter of hits including the score to ‘Lady and the Tramp.’ The icon who inspired Miss Piggy, originally named Miss Piggy Lee. (Yes, really.) But all those Peggy Lees can be traced back to the plains of North Dakota, where she endured a painful upbringing and dreamed big. Mo travels with Lee’s granddaughter Holly Foster Wells to her childhood home. You’ll also hear from biographer Peter Richmond, and hear previously unreleased material recorded by Lee.

Listen to the full episode here.