Peggy Lee


Peggy Lee Is Always With Her Granddaughter

Now Lee’s fans and visitors to the Grammy Museum can get a glimpse of the singer’s life via the exhibit “100 Years of Peggy Lee,” which runs through Labor Day. Lee has been called one of the most important musical influences of the 20th century. She penned more than 270 songs, recorded over 1,100 masters and had over 100 chart hits throughout her seven-decade career. “It’s not that common to have a career that lasts seven decades, starting in the 1930s,” [granddaughter Holly Foster] Wells said. “We have artifacts from the 1930s up until the very end of her career. Seeing that longevity and all the things we did and the people we met, seeing the breadth of her career, is amazing.” [Source: Christina Fuoco-Karasinski, LA Downtown News]

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