Peggy Lee


The Voices Behind the Magic: Peggy Lee

Music which permeates the hearts of generations is a crucial aspect of the World of Disney from the parks, attractions, and resorts to films. The 1955 Lady and the Tramp has remained a classic of Disney animation, in part due to the memorable songs performed in the movie. Peggy Lee — an unmitigated legend of jazz — was a prolific singer, composer, and actress whose rich career spanned sixty years. From a North Dakota radio station to the stages of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and much more, Peggy Lee has stunned generations with her multifaceted talents. This performer enthusiastically and delightfully contributed to Lady and the Tramp, voicing Darling, Si and Am, and Peg. She co-wrote and sang the songs “He’s a Tramp,” “La La Lu,” “The Siamese Cat Song,” and “What is a Baby?” These songs, co-written with Sonny Burke, undeniably enriched the film and have contributed to its longevity. But who was Peggy Lee, and what made her such a great match with both Walt Disney personally, and the magic Disney animation churned out in the 1950’s?

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